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Cookies and their use

We collect and use browsing data on the ContrAl Clinics website and digital services (i.e. appointment reservation) in order to implement and further develop our website and services. We do this also to improve your user experience with our digital services, and to better direct marketing operations within the services offered by ContrAl Clinics or its partners. We may collect data concerning your computer or other device using cookies and other similar technologies.

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your device, and which a digital service can use e.g. to save your user ID and password for your next visit, or to save the content that you have accessed. Cookies and other similar technologies do not in any way damage your device or files. They cannot be used to spread viruses, nor do they provide access to the files on your computers hard drive. Cookies make our services easier to use, and help us provide content and marketing that is better directed and more relevant.

We use cookies to collect data on how you use our website or electronic services (e.g. duration and time of visit, and through which search strings, words and engine the visit is linked), which sites and site sections you visit, and what type of computer or other device you are using (including your IP address, physical location, browser, service provider and type of operating system as well as the related URL addresses). An individual user cannot be identified based on cookies, but data received from the user themselves via other channels may be combined with data collected with cookies or other technologies. For example, if you are registered or otherwise identified (e.g. by providing your name and contact details via our website to receive a quote or a newsletter), we can combine your details across various devices and browsers. In this case, data is collected and processed according to the ContrAl Clinics privacy policy.

We may collect your online browsing data ourselves and/or it may be collected by our service provider. On our website, we use e.g. Google Analytics and Hotjar. Google Analytics and the Hotjar application use cookies, which allow the usage of our website to be statistically analysed. These cookies anonymously collect data on the web service’s traffic, and such data will not be connected to individual users. You can block these cookies with the Google Analytics opt-out function and the Hotjar opt-out function.

ContrAl Clinics may also use the collected browsing data to produce browser-specific targeted advertising and other content. ContrAl Clinics may create target groups based on browsing behaviour, and provide these groups with advertising and other content that they are likely to be interested in. For this, ContrAl Clinics employs partners such as Google Adwords. If you do not wish for advertising to be tailored according to your interests, you can block the targeting entirely or only selected parts of it on the YourOnlineChoices website

Our website and electronic services may employ social media community functions, such as the Facebook like button, with content provided directly by Facebook. Facebook, Google and other similar services may collect data on user visits according to their current privacy terms. ContrAl Clinics can’t be held responsible for third party content and its use.

If you wish, you can prevent the use of cookies by changing your browser settings so that the saving of cookies is not allowed. For additional instructions, see your browser’s help page. If you block the saving of cookies or otherwise disable their use, some functions on our website may not necessarily work. You can block third party cookies e.g. with the Your Online Choices service, and have your browser only accept cookies that come from the service being used directly. You can erase your browser’s cookie history in the browser settings. This removes cookies already stored in the browser and the online behaviour profiles they contain. However, this does not prevent the saving of new cookies.

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