ContrAl-method is an internationally recognised and patented outpatient programme for treatment of alcoholism and alcohol-use disorder.

78% of patients who undergo the programme succeed in their goals of reducing alchohol use.

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An outpatient treatment for alcoholism

ContrAl-method has been developed in Finland, but today it’s an internationally recognised outpatient programme. It’s based on the Sinclair-method by Dr. David Sinclair.

Based on science, proven to work

ContrAl Clinics was the first one in the world (1996) to develop a treatment programme based on the Sinclair-method. Since then, ContrAl Clinics has successfully treated thousands of patients with alcohol-use disorder.

Abstinence is not required

The treatment programme is not based on the idea of total abstinence, but instead the aim is to help our patients regain control over alcohol use, all while still continuing to lead their normal everyday lives.

ContrAl Clinics offers an efficient programme for treating alcoholism

ContrAl Clinics is a privately owned corporation which provides a unique treatment for alcoholism, excessive drinking, and alcohol abuse based on a recent breakthrough in alcoholism research. ContrAl Clinics has treated thousands of people with alcohol problems with the Sinclair Method since the treatment program was introduced in 1996. ContrAl Clinics was the first in the world to introduce a treatment program based on the studies of Dr Sinclair. Dr Sinclair was one of the founders of ContrAl Clinics.

The Sinclair Method consists of a combination of targeted opiate antagonist medication and professional counselling. The medicine normally in use in conjunction with the Sinclair Method is nalmefene or naltrexone. Targeted nalmefene and naltrexone, together with the counselling, diminishes alcohol craving without causing unpleasant side effects. The treatment programme is executed discreetly while the patient continues their normal life. We pride ourselves on protecting the anonymity of our customers.

A number of clinical trials indicate that the aforementioned medication, when used in the ContrAl fashion, can significantly reduce alcohol drinking. The treatment records of several hundred patients who have undergone the program also suggest the same. Should you wish to read Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

The ContrAl Method is not based on total abstinence, but instead focuses on helping the patient regain control of their alcohol use, all while continuing to lead their normal lives. Part of our customers reduces their alcohol consumption to a level that’s no longer a health hazard, and part of them stops drinking completely. 78% of those who undergo the treatment reach their goals of reducing alcohol consumption.

ContrAl Method is also used to treat gamblers and people addicted to gaming. Our outpatient programme reduces the gambling cravings and relapses of the addicts. Read more about our treatment for gambling addiction here.

  • 78% succeeds

    Three quarters of those who undergo the programme reach their goal of reducing alcohol use.

  • A reliable outpatient programme

    The treatment programme is discreetly scheduled into your normal everyday life, and you don't need to engage to inpatient programmes lasting for months. We guarantee privacy to all our customers.

  • Medication + counselling

    Treatment for alcoholism with the ContrAl Method consists of a combination of targeted opiate antagonist medication (nalmefene or naltrexone) and professional counselling.

  • Regain control over alcohol use

    Our treatment for alcoholism does not require total abstinence. The goal is to get alcohol use under control, so that the patients can continue their normal lives.

  • Scientific, patented and proven to work

    The patented ContrAl Method is based on decades of scientific research and has been used to treat thousands of patients both in Finland and abroad.

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The ContrAl Method


The medicine normally in use in conjunction with the Sinclair Method is nalmefene or naltrexone.

Professional counselling

Contral Clinics’ outpatient treatment programme combines cognitive-behavioral counselling framework and targeted nalmefene / naltrexone medication.

Treatment duration

The treatment programme normally lasts about 4 to 6 months, including 8 outpatient visits to our clinic.

78% success rate

Three out of four patients who undergo the programme reaches their goals.

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ContrAl Clinics in media

The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous (The Atlantic)

The Atlantic article presents critique against the dominant AA-method, and presents the Contral Method as a suitable option.

Documentary: One Little Pill

Watch the 90-second trailer from the documentary film One Little Pill. The film tells about naltrexone in the treatment of alcoholism.

Could This Drug Cure Alcoholism? (The Daily Beast)

The Daily Beast article about the opiate antagonist drug naltrexone (the same drug used in the treatment for alcoholism with the ContrAl Method as well).

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