Treatment program for gambling addiction

Our outpatient program for gambling addiction has been developed by the best Finnish addiction treatment professionals. ContrAl Clinics is the worlds most experienced entity when it comes to developing and implementing addiction treatment programs. We treat gambling addicts in our Helsinki clinic.

The severity of the gambling problem and many other individual factors impact the choice of treatment type and also the treatment results. We have been getting very promising results from both psychosocial as well as medication-based treatment types in treating gambling addictions.

Currently we are also developing a treatment program for online gaming and internet addiction. We are looking for patients to take part in the piloting phase of the program. The pilot phase patients get over 70% price reduction from the normal price of the treatment program. Get in contact and ask for more information!

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Gambling problem

In addiction disorder, the reward system of the brain has altered. The reward system can be restored to normal by influencing it with a combination of medication and cognitive therapy. Great results can be achieved when psychosocial methods aiming to get gaming under control are enhanced with targeted medication. By carefully following doctors and therapists orders, it’s possible to succeed in a holistic life change, so that one would no longer need to suffer the manifold health, social and psychological harms caused by gambling.


Program contents

Patient situation and the degree of gambling addiction is assessesed at the beginning of the treatment. The manners and habits leading to gambling situations are mapped out during the structured treatment program and different homework assignments. In addition, the doctor and the patient ponder through the internal and external factors that maintain gambling, and especially how to control the risk situations leading to gambling. Patients motivation to change is supported as much as possible. The potential medication is tailored, taking into account each patients individual needs. In general, the medication is dosed according to the Contral Method principles (targeted use, only in risk situations). The combined therapy and medication –approach decrease the compulsiveness of gambling.


Program duration

The duration of the basic treatment program at ContrAl Clinics is usually from 3 to 5 months, though the specific length is often decided upon individually, taking into account the patients situation. The outpatient program combines cognitive-behavioral therapy and possible medication. Visits are mostly structured solo sessions, but even relatives can take part in some of the treatment sessions. The treatment program does not include debt counseling. Follow-up visits are scheduled after the basic treatment program, if needed. The treatment program costs 1.880 euros.

In addition to the treatment sessions, the program also includes a set of self-help assignments, that have been compiled to promote self assessment and reaching the change goals. The assignments are analyzed during the sessions, while at the same time pondering the patients’ gambling-related behavior and different strategies to change old patterns and avoid relapses.