What is internet addiction and video game addiction, and can they be treated?

Do you spend more and more time on the computer and in online environments? Are you losing control over your video/internet gaming and/or social media use?

Internet is as essential part of our daily lives, and an irreplacable tool in our daily work and other tasks. However, if you notice that internet is taking time over hobbies, social life, work or study, it’s most likely a good time to stop and reflect your internet usage. Usually the most common indicators of overuse are addiction-like video/online gaming, constant use of social media or perhaps even compulsive information search in the web. Counter to the common belief, video and online gaming addiction and internet addiction are not just problems of adolescents and young adults. Instead, they occur in adults, as well.

ContrAl’s treatment program for internet addiction and video/online gaming addiction

In addition to treating alcoholics, ContrAl Clinics has years of experience from treating gambling addictions. Even though treating internet addictions differs from treating gambling addictions, our extensive experience from the addiction treatment world has helped us develop a treatment program for internet and video/online gaming addictions.

The internet addiction treatment program is slightly less intensive than that of alcohol addiction, and it does not require any medication. The treatment fits patients of all ages, and it can be partially delivered via telemedicine platforms. Just in our other addiction treatment programs, the goal is not to go completely abstinent, but instead gain control over usage. We are currently looking for customers to take part in the piloting phase of our new internet and video/online gaming addiction treatment program. The pilot program customers get over a 75% discount on the normal treatment prices. Get in contact, and inquire more about the new program!

Do you or someone you know need help to overcome internet addiction?

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How to identify internet addiction?

You should start suspecting addiction, if at least three of the following symptoms fit:

  • One gets totally immersed in internet and online environments (lots of time goes by without noticing it)

  • Withdrawal symptoms: depression, anxiety, irritation, boredom after several days offline or without internet use..

  • Heightened tolerance, which manifests itself as increase in usage in order to achieve the similar pleasure.

  • Constant desire or unsuccessful attempts to control, decrease or totally quit internet usage.

  • Continuous excessive use, even though it causes (or worsens) physical or mental problems.

  • Loss of interest towards other hobbies apart from Internet usage.

  • Using internet to escape depression or ease feelings of hopelessness, guilt or anxiety.

Addiction can also manifest itself from performance point of view, and must be paid attention to, if either one of the following is true:

  • Performance decrease in work, other professional tasks or studies

  • Social performance, which can then lead to severed social ties.