Press release 3rd of May, 2016

Finnish ContrAl Method for treating alcohol-use disorder has been licensed in the US and Canada

The treatment method developed by ContrAl Clinics has been licensed to the North American market. The US market for dependency treatment is the biggest in the world, about $35 billion per year. The Finnish ContrAl Method is an internationally acknowledged outpatient treatment that has yielded excellent results: 78% of their patients have regained control of their alcohol use.

“The primary goal is non-hazardous alcohol consumption, not necessarily abstinence although abstinence is suitable for some patients. The ContrAl method is a psychopharmacological treatment model, a combination of targeted medication and psychosocial therapy. Our treatment program has its foundation on the Sinclair Method. The research for the Sinclair Method was started by Dr. David Sinclair in the 1970s in the research labs of Alko, the Finnish alcohol monopoly, and Dr. Sinclair was a founder of the ContrAl Clinics,” says the Chief Medical Officer of ContrAl Clinics and Professor of Addiction Medicine, Dr. Hannu Alho.

Finnish ContrAl Clinics is a private clinic chain specializing in treating addictions. ContrAl Clinics holds exclusive rights to the ContrAl Method, and has treated thousands of patients since 1996.

New licensing deals cover the whole of North America

Licensing deals have been signed with two separate companies. ContrAl Clinics New England is a Massachusetts-based company that will be operating in the six states of New England, and Alavida Health Ltd is a Vancouver-based Canadian company operating in both Canada and the USA.

“There are over 16 million people in North America with alcohol-use disorder that are not being treated. We aim to change that by offering discreet, patient-centered care to people in the comfort of their own homes. ContrAl Clinics of Finland is a great partner for us in that regard”, says Elliot Stone, the CEO of Alavida Health Ltd.

“We believe there will be a lot of demand in our area for the scientifically proven, efficient and affordable ContrAl Method. We’re extremely happy to be able to start offering this proven treatment option for those with alcohol-use disorder in our area”, says Dr. Matt Bivens from ContrAl Clinics New England.

”The discussion about the different forms of treatment is booming in the States. The discontent with the current, overpriced treatments based on methods over 80 years old is growing rapidly. This puts us in an excellent position for success”, says Jukka Keski-Pukkila, CEO of ContrAl Clinics.

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